When Your Kids Go to Bed– 8 Steps to Recharge

You know that moment– when you turn out the light and close your kids’ bedroom door?

What do you do next?

I don’t know about you, but I do a happy dance.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my awake time with my daughter; it’s just that I’m a person too!

By the end of the day, I miss myself.
I miss thinking my own thoughts.
I miss doing my own things.
I miss having myself to myself.

But I’ve come to find that–when the lights are out and my dance is danced– I sometimes have a hard time transitioning into “me” time.

After all, I’ve been in a toddler’s world ALL DAY.

Here are 8 Steps to “Peeling the Kid Off” at the End of the Day!

1.Change your clothes.

If your day is anything like mine, your clothes probably have a little jam and Play-doh on them by bedtime. Gross. It’s time to freshen up.

Whether you want something pretty or just want your coziest pjs, changing your clothes is an essential part of this transition! Do this first!

2.Put away all the toys.

Do NOT try to relax in a sea of toys! If you have a closet, put them out of sight (or better yet, have your kid(s) do it before bed!) If not, contain them in a designated spot. I promise, it helps!

3.Remove all other “kid stuff.”

What other traces of your “kid life” are left? Remove them. For me, that’s usually a few sippy cups and a blanket I keep over the sharp edges of the coffee table. (Those corner protector things are such a joke.)

4.Light a Candle.

Okay, now light a candle and put it down low– like where you can’t put it when your kids are awake! This makes me feel like a grown up again. If you have a “hygge tray,” now’s the time to pull it out.

5.Eat a sweet treat!

Every day, I think of a little treat that I plan to have after bedtime. It doesn’t have to be grand– just a little square of chocolate or a glass of wine. It’s amazing what I can endure in a day– for the hope of pajamas and a glass of wine at the end of the day!

6.Watch a grown-up show or read a book.

You’ve earned it! Watch or read something YOU enjoy; music works too.

7.Let your mind wander.

Once you’ve settled into “you time,” let your mind relax too. Think some of your own thoughts. Consider your day. Pray. Thank God that you made it through your day, moms! 🙂


If you are married, the first 7 steps of this process are essential to successful engagement with your man–when he gets home. When I try to be “me” with my husband before doing my “wind down,” it doesn’t go well.

Taking care of yourself is essential to making the rest of the evening work! Now you can be present and attentive.

Ahh. Deep breaths. You made it.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s Post, where are starting the Series “Simple Mama”– inspired by the book *Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.


See you Thursday. 🙂

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