How ‘AnyList’ Simplifies My Grocery List!

Sometimes, I feel like my head is going to explode.

Becoming a mom has tripled my ‘brain lists’ in terms of things to restock and do in the home. Unfortunately ‘mom brain’ mixed with ‘Lyme brain’ has cut my capacity to remember things in half! You don’t have to be good at math to realize this leaves a major deficit.

Prior to finding the AnyList app, my lists were split between my head, scraps of paper and separate digital lists on my phone. I often found myself accidentally leaving my grocery list at home or forgetting to write down an item as I noticed it was getting low. To make matters worse, I often have other people shop for me if my Lyme disease is flaring, which means I’d generally have to type out a text from my written list to whomever was shopping for me.

The result? Brain clutter. I felt like I was constantly juggling thoughts while doing daily tasks.

One day, fed up with running out things, I thought to myself- ‘There’s gotta be an app for this!’ I searched the App Store for a list app that met a few simple requirements:

  • no cost (free app)
  • a clean interface
  • the ability to make separate lists for separate stores or projects
  • the ability to share the list with others

Before finding AnyList, I probably downloaded 8 to 10 other free apps that promised easy list making. However, I found most of them to be extremely clunky and cluttered by unnecessary features.

Here’s a peek at how I’ve set up my lists:


Not only did AnyList meet my requirements, but it also offered the option to enable Siri to add things to my lists, which is seriously amazing! Whenever I run out of ketchup, for instance: ‘Siri, add ketchup to grocery list.’ Or when I notice I’m low on baby wipes: ‘Siri, add baby wipes to Target list.’ Then the next time I open AnyList, the items I’ve dictated are right there to import into the designated list.

Within each list, the app allows you to categorize, such as ‘Eggs and Dairy’ or ‘Meats’, but when using this, I found it to be more distracting than helpful. Instead, I tend to add items as I think of them, then rearrange the order–grouping by areas of the particular store I’m going to, rather than a generic category. You can drag the items up and down to change the order extremely easily.

AnyList also allows you to email, text or print your list or share within the app for other AnyList users. This is particularly helpful if, for instance, your husband runs to the store and you forgot to add milk to the list. Assuming he has the app and you’ve enable him to share your list, just add and it will sync with his phone in real time– a great feature!

One last thing… I love the option to add an item to a ‘Favorites’ list within each store. This allows me to add weekly items without typing them each time I use them.

AnyList is a prime example of an app that did just what I need it to do, effortlessly. As a result, my household and by extension, my life, runs much more smoothly!

Click Here to visit their website or just look it up in the App Store.

If you give it a try, let me know if you like it!

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  2. This is helpful because although I Hv AnyList, I didn’t know how to arrange it, text it etc. Thank you!

  3. What a great review! Thanks for the tip. I need to get on this and eliminate the many paper notes I accumulate in my purse and around the house!

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