The Sneakiest Parent Hack Ever!

How I Trick My Kid into Eating Vegetables

It might be trite, but it’s still true– most kids don’t like vegetables.

My daughter used to eat anything– spinach, zucchini, carrots– she loved them all! But then around the age of one, everything changed… No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get her to eat them!

At first, I tried hiding her vegetables in other foods. This worked for a while, but she quickly wised up!

I had to step up my game.

So I created….Veggie Pops!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Throw raw vegetables in a Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. (Spinach works surprisingly well, as long as you don’t keep it in the freezer for more than about 2 weeks).
  2. When vegetables are fully frozen, pour into a blender and add plain yogurt and water. (Juice is too much sugar!)
  3. Add in enough fruit to sweeten the mixture! Bananas are a great choice for texture! *(Generally speaking, the younger the child, the less sweet it needs to be to get them to drink it!)
  4. Let your kid drink some of the mixture while you pour the rest into popsicle tubes like these ones and freeze them!

Then pull a popsicle out of the freezer, run it under water (to defrost a bit) and bam! Vegetables eaten.

When I take the time to do this, it makes the rest of the week so easy!

For some reason ‘Do you want a popsicle?’ goes over much better than ‘Do you want a bowl of spinach’? 😉

It makes me feel deliciously tricky.

Got any other tricks or tips? Share below!