This Year, Give the Gift of Cozy

corn sack

Growing up, my family always spent Thanksgiving week in a tiny cabin in the mountain town of Julian, CA. While waiting for the furnace to heat, we’d build a fire until the room grew warm and cozy, like the tea in our hands. We played games, read books, baked cinnamon rolls and drank fresh apple cider— together. (Is there anything more hygge than that?)

Every year at the cabin, we’d also make a craft to give as Christmas gifts. Since my sister and I are not naturally “crafty,” this generally led to some drama. (My mom will never live down the year she tried to get us to make angel ornaments made of pasta. Let’s just say, there was pasta thrown in the air and no ornaments were actually completed).

Out of all of our successful crafts, my favorite thing we ever made was the corn sack. Corn sacks are just how they sound– a sack of corn to be warmed in the microwave.

They are my absolute FAVORITE HYGGE thing in the world.

I put them in my cold sheets to warm them before crawling into bed.

I lay on them when my back is achy.

I put them on my head when I have a headache.

I set them on my lap during a movie for extra coziness.

I’m a little obsessed with them. Can’t you tell?

Here’s a picture of a tired one I made several years ago. (Time to make new ones!) The best thing is– they are basically the easiest thing on earth to sew (and I HATE sewing).


Wanna make one?

Here’s what you need:

-Cleaned seed corn (You can buy this at a feed & supply store. It’s the type of corn they plant–NOT popping corn!)
–100% cotton fabric (Polyester will melt). Wash before sewing.
-Sewing machine

Here are instructions on how to sew it.

3 Quick Tips:

*I prefer seed corn to rice or anything else, because it produces less moisture when hot.
*I don’t recommend using the essential oils like it says in the linked instructions, because they usually smell too strong.
*If you’re making them for gifts, it’s fun to personalize them. I’ve made Vikings ones for my husband, cute patterns for myself and Hello Kitty ones for my nieces!

If you’d rather buy one, CLICK HERE. (Please note, I have never purchased this product, but it looks exactly like the kind I make!)

Time to get hygge and cuddle with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep an eye out for a post on Wednesday (not Thursday because of Thanksgiving) where I will share some easy ideas on how to hygge up your home.

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