Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing+ Go Build a Fort

The other day, I woke up to what looked like a post-apocalyptic home.  Between dealing with the stomach flu and a teething toddler over the weekend, my house-keeping skills had been at an all-time low. (Not to mention, my dishwasher was not working). My throat tightened as I surveyed the damage: the dirty cups, the […]

The Complete ‘Simple Mama’ Series- In Just One Click!

In case you missed any of it, I want to make the “Simple Mama” series accessible all in one post!  A huge thanks to Greg McKeown for book *Essentialism that inspired this series! The Complete ‘Simple Mama’ Series: Are You Living the Life You Want to Live, Mama?  Every ‘Simple Mama’ Knows These 5 Secrets […]

20 Practical Steps I’ve taken to Simplify My Life– Since Reading "Essentialism"

My make-up drawer is always a mess. No matter how hard I try to keep it clean, it seems like it always reverts to a space of spilled foundation, loose hair, leaky toothpaste and a ball of hair ties tangled around bobby pins. I recently pulled everything out, evaluated how much I used the items, […]

How Becoming A ‘Simple Mama’ Can Radically Improve Your Day

Have you ever noticed that some days as a mom everything feels urgent? Consider this ordinary day: The laundry is overflowing and everyone needs clothes. The house is a mess. Your kid is having a tough day and throwing tantrums. Your best friend is asking you to watch her kids for the day, because she’s […]