My Visit to Japan: 5 Inspirational Take-Aways

Several months ago, my husband and I got to travel to Japan!

I felt humbled by the opportunity, particularly after my melt-down after our daughter was born, which went something like: 

“I’ll never get to go anywhere or do anything fun EVER again, because I have a baby now! Wahhhh!”

But, it worked out and I’m so grateful it did.

My stay in Japan was such a joy, for so many reasons. One of my greatest take-aways from the trip were the many qualities I observed in Japanese culture; I couldn’t help but think how much better my life would be if I adopted them.

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Here are 5 Things I Loved about Japanese Culture:



Regardless of how we looked or talked or stumbled over the three Japanese phrases we memorized, I never felt insulted, demeaned or talked down to by the locals during our stay in Japan. Having visited many other countries, I know this is generally not the case!

How much better would my marriage and my friendships be if I adopted this mindset and showed respect to all, regardless of the other person’s shortcomings!



Everything in Japan is simple. No clutter. No nonsense. Everything is in its place- set there for a specific purpose.

I love this.



The Japanese people definitely put an emphasis on using what you have and not throwing something away until it’s finished. This is quite a contrast to my ‘Costco mentality’ (“Well it’s cheap – so if I don’t use it all, I can just throw it away.”)

I’m not saying it’s bad to buy in bulk, but it makes me wonder: Is there a better way of approaching portions?



Everything is very punctual and reliable in Japan– particularly their public transportation. What a joy to ride a train that comes when it says it will!

I want to be this way- to mean what I say and to follow through in big and small matters.



In my experience in the States, the more expensive the place (restaurant, hotel, etc.), the better the service. In Japan, I found the service to be thoughtful, kind and thorough, whether I was getting a coffee at 7–11 or checking into a fancy hotel. Why? Because there is an implied requirement for excellence in ALL work in Japanese culture.

How much would it change our lives if we served others and did mundane tasks with excellence?

Something to consider!

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