Moms– You Need This More Than Anyone


“How we spend our days is…how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing.”

-Annie Dillard

Growing up, my entire family always had their noses in a book, especially on vacation. I absolutely hated it. I’m a “people person”, so on vacation I wanted to go out, play games and talk, but since I was born to a family of nerds, I often had to keep myself busy. So I started writing.

I wrote all sorts of fictional stories and sagas, even at a very young age– and as I got older, I never stopped. I guess you could say I’m grateful for my nerdy family, because they helped me find my passion. 🙂 (Love you, guys :))

In seventh grade, I began to keep a journal, as most early-teen girls do, but again, I never stopped. Journaling has become part of my natural rhythm in life, like walking or brushing my teeth.

I’m keenly aware that most people do not see journaling this way. The most common thing I hear when I talk to people about journaling is:

“I always start, but then I forget about it.”

For most people I encounter, journaling feels like an obligation, not a joy. However, I would argue that, although it may not come naturally to you, it is one of the greatest and most unused tools in a mom’s tool chest. Consider the following arguments carefully, before brushing the idea of journaling aside.

5 Reasons EVERY Mom Should Keep a Journal This Year:

1. Journaling is a powerful tool for self-awareness.

As moms, it’s easy to loose touch with our inner world and get lost in a sea of needs. Journaling is a great tool to bring your emotional world to the surface and reveal what’s actually going on inside.

2. Journaling reveals your patterns, both good and bad.

Whenever I read through my past journals for the year, I’m amazed at how similar the entries are. They don’t feel similar when I’m writing them;I’m simply pouring out my heart.

Journaling can provide a spotlight for the patterns in your life–both the things that you need to work on and also your strengths as a person. Perhaps you will learn something this year that you never knew about yourself!

3. Journaling is just for you.

One thing I love about my journal is that it’s one space I don’t have to share with anyone. Besides my brain, this isn’t the case for anything else in my life. I don’t let my husband (or anyone) read my journal. It’s not that there’s anything bad in there; it’s just that we naturally act (or write) differently if we think somebody is watching. I savor those pages, because they are truly mine.

4. Journaling is a great way to start practicing stillness.

As we talked about last week, stillness is vital to your success as a mom. However, stilling your body is a lot harder than it sounds. Journaling can be a great way to start practicing stillness.

5. Journaling tells the real story of your past.

Pictures can be deceptive. (According to Facebook pictures, we all have perfect, happy lives). I often find when I look through our family pictures, I remember the events of my life quite differently than they happened. Journaling is  the real story– the good, the bad and the ugly of our lives. It is a way to reflect on our authentic selves, without sugar-coating.

All right, so it would be easy to read this and keep living your life, without trying it out. Which is why, in the next article, we will break down practical tips for creating a journaling habit that will last. Even if you’ve tried and “failed” at journaling in the past, humor me by reading the next article. You might be surprised to find you love it! 🙂

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