I Finally Finished A Parenting Book!

Here’s What I Learned.

If you have a toddler or young child, you know how difficult it can be to finish anything–particularly a book!

About 8 months ago, I picked up the Moms on Call: No-Nonsense Toddler Book, fully intending to read it cover-to-cover. (What was I thinking?)

Just as I was reading a part that said something like: “You are in control of your toddler–not the other way around,” my toddler snatched the book from my hands and wouldn’t give it back! And I never got to finish!

The irony of this moment was not lost on me.

Eight months later, I finally finished!

Here are 4 Big-Picture Take-Aways From the Book:

1. If we want a peaceful home, we have to teach our toddler how to handle their emotions!

Favorite Quote:

“It is Ok for a toddler to be frustrated but not OK for them to emotionally hijack the whole household.”

The Gist:

Toddlers have strong emotions. It’s our job to be ‘in control’ and ready for the inevitable freak outs– and to stay calm as often as possible. We must believe that our children can go to the grocery store, go out to eat, etc. WITHOUT causing disruptions. BUT we mustn’t believe that will happen on its own. It must be taught!

2. Discipline has to be age-appropriate & consistent to work!

Favorite Quotes:

-“You steer the ship so they can enjoy the ride.” -p.43
-“…a confident face is a powerful tool in the land of toddlers.”-p.45
-“Toddlers base their reactions on our reactions.” -p. 45

The Gist:

Discipline is as inevitable as taxes when it comes to raising a toddler. We must be strong, confident & forgive our own failings in this area and be as consistent as possible! Their eventual happiness is dependent on this.

3. If we want to raise a healthy toddler, we must tap into the rich resource of household routines and rhythms!

Favorite Quote:

“Toddlers thrive on a schedule; they just need someone smarter than them to decide what that should be.” -p.99

The Gist:

Routines can be a great way to establish rhythm in our day– instead of giving in to the sea of chaos that often comes with letting toddlers ‘have their way’. By establishing markers in the day, we can change the flow and tone of the household.

4. We must give ourselves grace & second chances when dealing with our toddlers!

Favorite Quote:

“{Guilt} will steal your future confidence. Recognize that imperfect parents raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children. It’s going to be OK.”

The Gist:

Our children are NOT perfect and NEITHER ARE WE! We must look at the big picture when it comes to our children and not focus on one moment of failing for them OR for us. Don’t focus on the 3 bites of broccoli your child didn’t eat; rather focus on the larger goal of creating lifelong listeners and good eaters– over time.

Would I recommend this book?

Overall, yes!

Like all parenting books, I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but I did find it helpful! It has a nice balance of big-picture parenting strategies and hands-on application (bedtime routines, suggested discipline techniques and sleep outlines).

Because it is a bit of a choppy read, I’d recommend letting it be more of a resource book– rather than one you’d read cover to cover. Glance at the index, see what issues you are facing in the moment (tantrums? eating issues? sleeping issues?) and go to that section. If you approach it that way, I’m confident you will find at least some of it helpful and applicable.

*If you are interested, they also have suggested sleep schedules for moms with more than one child (i.e. toddler +newborn, toddler plus baby 4–6 mo, etc.)

If you want to check out the book, click HERE or go to the Moms on Call website for all their resources.

Have you read the book? Thoughts? Insights?

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