How to Snap Out of a Slumpy Day– 10 Actions Steps!

You know those days when you just feel stuck– like every task you attempt is doomed to failure?

I didn’t realize how often I feel this way, until I reviewed my journal recently.

I was surprised at how often I wrote “I just can’t stay focused!” or “I’m not sure how to fix this day!” or “What on earth am I trying to do today?”

To be fair, Lyme Disease causes a great deal of neurological issues– which lead to scattered thoughts, short-term memory loss and an inability to focus. However, even if I didn’t have Lyme, I still think I’d feel scattered frequently– simply because I’m a mom.

As moms, we are constantly juggling ideas, tasks, thoughts and needs.

Some days, this will quite naturally land us in a good old-fashioned slump.

Rather than giving in to it, I’ve made a list of things I try to do when I feel stuck, frustrated or just plain grumpy.

10 Things You Can Try–to Snap out of a Funky Day:

1.Change Your Plan.

Even a small change in activity can boost memory, attention and mood. Switch up the order of your tasks or do something that’s not on your “list.”

2.Do Tomorrow’s Task.

Doing something ahead of time– like paying a bill or making a phone call– can really boost your energy and confidence that this day isn’t a “wash.”

3.Change the Scenery.

I’m amazed what even a different room (with different toys) does for a bad mood! If you are able, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. 😉

4. Change the Channel.

Turn on a Netflix show for your kid(s) and get one important thing done. You’ll feel much more accomplished if you can just have a moment to think– and do even one thing!

5. Drink Caffeine.

Coffee is such a wondrous thing; don’t underestimate its power to boost your day.

6.Move Your Body.

Try stretching, doing yoga or a 7 minute workout app.

7.Step Outside.

Five minutes of fresh air does amazing things for the brain.

8.Try to Meet Your “Step Goal” for the day.

“Step goals” create a tangible way to measure progress. Because of my health, I can’t do the recommended 10k a day; I have to make my own goal!

9.Change Your Company.

When I feel stuck, I almost always text my friends and ask for a playdate. Often times, a little grown-up time does the trick.

10. Change Tomorrow’s Plan.

If you’ve decided that it’s just not working today, make a fun plan for tomorrow– a day at the park, an ice cream run, etc. Having something to look forward to can get you through even the most “off” of days.

I know a lot of these things sound general, but honestly, give them a try next time you feel stuck. Sometimes having something concrete to do when you feel this way can really save the day.

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