How A ‘Simple Mama’ Views Her Home


You know that feeling– when you walk into your home and everything is in its place?

It’s euphoric.

I love a clean home; it fuels my creativity and my joy.

I’m not always sure how to balance my need for clean with the real-life implications of living simply; sometimes they appear to be at odds. However, living simply does not mean neglecting your home by any means! If anything your home should be a reflection of the inner peace and beauty that flow out of a simple life.

With that said:

At times, living simply will lead you to clean and organize your home.

 At other times, it will lead you to prioritize your family over household tasks.

You will find your rhythm, as you highlight your priorities. It will of course look different for everyone. Some of you don’t mind a little chaos. Some of you like everything in it’s place.But when you live simply mamas, your homes will share a few qualities.

4 Things I Know About a ‘Simple Mama’s’ Home:

1. Her home will be a place of calling.

If you learn to live simply, your home will not just be a place where you sleep or clean or function. It will be the place where you live out your “highest contribution”. It will become the “set” for the best scenes of your own movie.

2. Her home will be a place of rest.

If you learn to live simply, your home will be a place of rest, because you will make space for it, enjoy it and basque in it.

3. Her home will be a place of orderly, prioritized work.

If you learn to live simply, you will not be aimlessly flailing through your endless ‘to do’ lists; you will learn to work with a sense of purpose and direction in your meaningful work.

4.Her home will be a place of joy.

If you clear out the clutter of life and separate the “good from the best,” your home will have room for joy – time to fill with cuddles, laughter, spontaneity and lasting memories.

Let’s see:

Calling. Rest. Orderly Work. Joy.

Now that’s euphoric. And we can get there– together.

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  1. I get that feeling once a week- Friday when I return home from work and the cleaning lady has done her thing. It’s my happy moment every time!!

    1. omg isn’t it the best?

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