Have a Toddler? 5 Ways to Shower in Peace Anyway

I don’t know about you, but I require a shower EVERY DAY. In addition to actually cleaning myself, showers are my best place to think, sing and stare into the abyss of life.

For some reason, my toddler can’t quite grasp this concept.

Logically, nap time would be a great time for me to sneak in a shower. However, our naptime has now been shifted to around 2pm, which means I’d have to wait seven hours before I get a refresh!


Regrettably, I’ve started including my little one in my ‘getting ready’ routine. If you’re in the same boat, here are a few ideas to try that might make the experience (slightly) more peaceful!

Here are 5 Ideas for Sane Mommy Showers:

1. Squee-geeing

If you have a glass shower, teach your toddler to squee-gee! If you have a fiberglass shower, try giving your child a sponge to ‘clean’ the walls– dual purpose!

 2. Steam

If you have a glass shower, show your toddler how to write in the steam on the glass! It’s like an instant coloring book.

 3. Suction Cup Hooks

We use suction cup hooks to hang our towels outside the shower. My toddler finds sticking them to the shower walls endlessly fascinating.

4. Cups

Like bathtime, cups of all shapes and sizes are great distractions. Let them fill and transfer the water– for as long a possible!

 5. Munchkin Bath Falls

We recently got these toys and it’s managed to buy me a few minutes in the shower. Suction them– one on top of another– and teach your toddler to collect water and pour into the top, so the little wheels spin!

With all of this said– kids are fickle! From the time I started writing this post– til the time I finished, my daughter has said “nevermind” to some of these activities!

Some days, I’ve started putting toys right outside the shower for her to play with instead of bringing her into the water. As with all things in the life of a toddler mom– change and rotation is the kid to keeping kids busy so we can take care of ourselves!

Any tricks up your sleeve? Do tell. (Share in the comments below!)


5 Replies to “Have a Toddler? 5 Ways to Shower in Peace Anyway”

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  2. I liked this post, especially the #5 option!

    1. Thanks and yes– the munchkin toys are great! 🙂

  3. We have a rain cup for the boys to play with when they are here. It is your basic “red party cup” with holes in the bottom. They love it! Also we have soap crayons so they can color and clean at the same time.

    1. Oh! Soap crayons! I’ll look that up!

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