8 Simple Habits to Lighten Your Laundry Load!

Laundry truly is the never-ending task, especially as moms.

Sometimes it’s easy just to let laundry take our lives hostage–either by letting it overflow or by always trying to finish it. In my experience, both approaches lead to frustration!

As a disabled mom, I don’t have a lot of energy. (If you can believe it, some days pulling a pair of wet jeans out of the washer is difficult for me!) Which is why, I’ve worked hard to decrease the stress of laundry! Over the past year, I’ve been experimenting with varied approaches and technique and have found what works and what doesn’t!

Here are 8 Things that worked!

1.Pick a specific time and day for laundry!

I know this seems rigid, but this ‘rule’ has kept me from constantly ‘throwing a load in’, forgetting about it and ending up with mildewed clothes. (I’ve done this more times than I can count!)

2. Do ‘kid laundry’ separately!

Keeping ‘kid laundry’ separate helps me to stay on top of my daughter’s laundry, which builds up much faster! Also, I don’t loose tiny socks and other items in the abyss of our ‘grown-up’ laundry!

3. Do Laundry More (or less) often!

When it comes to how often you do your laundry, you’ve got to find your own groove. Here’s what I experienced:

  • When I did laundry every other week, I felt lost in an overwhelming pile that never seemed to get done.
  • When I did the laundry just when I was low on things (like jeans or underwear), I’d inevitably forget something vital.
  • When I did laundry ‘as I went,’ I’d generally lose steam, forget loads and never, ever finish!

I’ve finally concluded that weekly is often enough (for our family) to keep clothing options available but not so frequent that I’m doing too many tiny loads.

I resisted this at first, because I hated the prospect of doing laundry EVERY week. But honestly, it’s made it so much more doable and not as overwhelming!

4. Combine Loads!

I have a lot of special items: delicates, hand-wash items, red shirts that bleed into other clothes, etc. I’d end up doing a 5–8 loads of laundry at a time! I’m starting to test putting certain piles together and the results have been mostly positive.

5. Skip super light loads!

I’ve started skipping a load for the week if the pile is super tiny AND I know I won’t need those items right away. By the next week, I have a legit-sized load, ready to go.

6. Label Loads!

If you have someone who can help you with laundry (a husband, housekeeper or older kid), try sorting it ahead of time and put tags with instructions on each pile so they can help you more easily!

Be specific when making tags! For example:

  • Wash cold & delicate, air dry (Make sure the black zippered shirt gets put in the netted laundry bag).
  • Hand-wash cycle, Air Dry (Hang on the racks to the right of the dryer).
  • Regular Wash, Medium Dry (Fold if possible! Thank you!)

For loads that are the same every week, keep the tags in the laundry room and reuse them! This practice has been revolutionary for me and has saved a lot of heartache trying to do it myself when I’m really sick!

7. Set a timer!

I always get busy and forget about the laundry. Can you relate? Estimate the length of your washer’s cycle, ask Siri to set a timer and— when it goes off, switch loads immediately! When I do this, I’m way less prone to let laundry drag for days and days.

 8. Accept the lack of closure!

Laundry is never-ending and if we treat it like it can be ‘finished’ we’ll ALWAYS be frustrated! I’ve started to change my mindset to realize it is part of my rhythm, not a ‘to do’ I can check off my list. Even putting my tiny piles back in the basket for next week helps me accept the fact that it’ll never be done… And that is okay!

Got any laundry hacks? Don’t be shy. Share below!

*Also, keep your eye out for my next post, where I will share 5 YouTube Kids Channels that don’t totally suck! 😉

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