Teach Your Children to Be Generous–5 Expert Tips


Giving to our children is a natural overflow of our love for them – and it’s a beautiful thing. Teaching our kids to be givers, however, is not always as natural; it must be practiced and learned.  I often struggle to be generous, especially during this time of year when there are so many additional […]

Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing+ Go Build a Fort

The other day, I woke up to what looked like a post-apocalyptic home.  Between dealing with the stomach flu and a teething toddler over the weekend, my house-keeping skills had been at an all-time low. (Not to mention, my dishwasher was not working). My throat tightened as I surveyed the damage: the dirty cups, the […]

The Complete ‘Simple Mama’ Series- In Just One Click!

In case you missed any of it, I want to make the “Simple Mama” series accessible all in one post!  A huge thanks to Greg McKeown for book *Essentialism that inspired this series! The Complete ‘Simple Mama’ Series: Are You Living the Life You Want to Live, Mama?  Every ‘Simple Mama’ Knows These 5 Secrets […]

How Becoming A ‘Simple Mama’ Can Radically Improve Your Day

Have you ever noticed that some days as a mom everything feels urgent? Consider this ordinary day: The laundry is overflowing and everyone needs clothes. The house is a mess. Your kid is having a tough day and throwing tantrums. Your best friend is asking you to watch her kids for the day, because she’s […]

5 Ways to Cope with the Constant Interruptions of Motherhood

One of the most difficult things about having a kid is that you never get to finish anything—your thought, your sentence or your cup of coffee. To say that this frustrates me would be an understatement. One of my greatest joys in life is checking things off my “list.” I love finishing the laundry, getting the […]