5 Weird Ways to Survive Boring Mom Days

The weirdest thing about having a baby or a kid is that you are always busy & tired, but often bored at the same time.

These little creatures invade our lives, consume our arms and our hearts and allow us to do little else during their waking hours. It’s frustrating to have so much to do and no margin in which to do it! This dynamic creates a great deal of frustration.

Particularly as a disabled mom, there are MANY days when I’m unable to leave the house, which can make me feel a little bit stir crazy. On some of my most desperate days, I’ve found that letting my “weird side” out has been fairly effective for survival. 🙂 Try these things the next time you feel this way too.

5 Things to Try When You’re Feeling a Little Nuts at Home:

1. Gently squish your baby’s face.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and made weird faces to yourself? When I was struggling as a brand new mom, my friend suggested doing this with my baby’s face (gently, of course)! It was pretty funny. This is for a truly desperate day– when you’ve been alone with a baby ALL DAY.

2. Make weird sounds and have your kid(s) mimic them.

When I feel like I’m losing my mind being at home with a toddler, I make various weird or animal sounds. My daughter thinks it’s a fun game to mimic them. We can do this for quite some time!

3. Turn Annoyances Into Games.

When I’m feeling bored, I often get more irritable. Sometimes, lightening the mood can help. Here’s one example:

My daughter hates having her face wiped and won’t do it herself most of the time. We used to just fight every single meal over it. Then, at a certain point, I decided to make it a game:

I created the face-cleaning monster (complete with hand motions and growling noises) and my daughter thinks it’s hilarious (most of the time). More often when I do this, she doesn’t resist me cleaning her face quite as much, because she is laughing!

4. Have Random Dance Parties.

My daughter’s at the age where every song is an opportunity to dance. When your kids are in this phase, dance with them. It’s fun, silly and gives you endorphins!

5. Crawl in bed and hide.

If all else fails, hide. If your kid is napping, hide alone. If they are wide awake, bring them in bed with you with their books and toys. Cuddle, play peek-a-boo or even watch a favorite show on your phone. It’s cozy and fun and will keep you from drowning!

Hope these help! You are not alone and you aren’t the only one who gets bored! 🙂

Got any boredom tips? Do share. Oh and Merry early Christmas! Hope it’s a joyful one, mama! 🙂

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