5 Ways ‘The Skimm’ Makes Reading the News Doable– Even for Moms

Remember the good old days–when Monica Lewinsky was the worst thing on the front page? Those days appear to be gone.

I’ve always hated reading the news, but in the past year, it’s left me longing for Lorelei Gilmore’s Good News Daily.

As a mom on a mission to joy, I struggle a lot with how to handle the news. I’ve tried different approaches to my intake of the world over the years– and each one has left me lacking.

At one point, I dove in head-first, trying to look my fears about the world straight in the eye. But mostly, that left me more confused about the truth and more depressed than ever.

I’ve also tried the “bury my head in the sand” approach, but that left me uninformed (and also led to some pretty awkward cocktail party conversations). Let’s be honest, to be considered a ‘grown up’, you’ve got to kinda know what’s happening in the world. Sometimes, I hate this, but it’s true.

Which brings me to…The Skimm!

The Skimm is a e-newsletter written by two former NBC news producers, who decided to shake things up in the news world. In order to reach an audience who has limited time and/or interest in the news, they “skim” all the days’ news for you and send you a summary email daily, Monday-Friday.

Here are 5 Reasons The Skimm Works for Me:

1. Its quick and to the point!

It takes about 5 minutes a day– which is all I really have! Even if you skip a few days, they make it very easy to catch up on the gist of even complicated political situations.

2. It’s honestly hilarious.

I can’t tell you how many times The Skimm has made me LOL. Since the news is so depressing, it’s nice to at least have a laugh about how depressing it is!

3. It gives me the gist of both domestic and world news, with a pinch of social news.

Honestly, this is really all I want or need.

4. It gives me the opportunity to read further on things that interest me.

Each summary has hyperlinks embedded in the text, so you can read on (from the original news outlet), if you want.

5. It’s just the right percentage of facts and snarkiness, for my taste. 🙂

Since I started readingThe Skimm I feel more aware of the world, without getting stuck in a pile of depression. Their views definitely lean towards the left, but since it’s a summary of the news, it feels pretty clear what is fact and what is personal opinion, which is refreshing,

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