5 Summer Learning Activities You Can Start Today

Right about now, you are probably realizing your kid’s summer learning packets from school are lying underneath a heap of soggy beach towels in your laundry room.

Am I close? 🙂

Here’s the good news: you still have at least a few weeks before school starts.

Even if you don’t have kids in school yet, this is the perfect time to press ‘refresh’ on some healthy learning habits that probably got lost in the midst of Moana marathons this summer.

Don’t worry about what you DIDN’T do; maximize the time you have left!

Feel like you don’t know where to start?

Here are 5 Easy Ideas to Get You Back on Track:

1. Create a Learning Box.


Identify the skills you’d like to review with your kids and make a simple box or bin with items that would encourage those skills: books, games, flashcards, markers, etc. Get the box out strategically for more structured learning time and let your kids take it out on their own to play independently too! (Keep your eye out for Thursday’s post on creating a successful learning box!)


2. Set Out Books Strategically.

One of my goals is to make my house clutter-free, which means putting toys and books away every night and throughout the day. However, I’ve started making an exception for books.

I’ve been laying book strategically around the house, so we remember to read aloud. My friend suggested this and it has been a life-saver! We keep books tucked into the high chair (to read during meals), on the ground in my daughter’s bedroom (to read mornings or nights) and by the couch. It’s amazing how motivating this is!

(If you need ideas for spicing up reading times, click here).

3.Download New Apps for Learning.

If your child responds to learning through technology, try to maximize this interest! The older your kid, the harder it will be to motivate them to learn during the summer. Identify the skills you want to work on, google “best apps for (insert skill here)” and pick from the results. Try to find apps that are highly rated and are in a game format. (Kids like those better!) A fresh app can go a long way to motivating an unwilling kid to start learning again. Here are some YouTube channels I’d recommend for toddlers or young children as well.

4. Start Cooking or Baking with Your Kids.

Cooking is a fun activity that can actually be quite educational. Depending on the age of your kid(s), you can teach them a variety of things in the kitchen:

Counting (“Let’s count the eggs as we put them in.”)
Colors (“What color is sugar? What color is broccoli?”)
Measuring and multiplication (“How many scoops would make 1/4 cup?” “If we double the recipe, how much milk do we need?”)

These are just a few things you can point out during a cooking sesh. Get creative, let them enjoy the fruits of their labor and of course, lick the bowl. 🙂

5.Keep Playing Outside & Having Fun.

Lastly, don’t get too intense about summer learning. It’s one component of summer, but kids need to run and play while they can! Make the most of the activities you have planned and make sure to get in plenty of family time while you still have days left! 🙂