5 Natural Times in the Day to Practice Stillness 

Do you ever find yourself completely out of touch with your own emotions and thoughts?

You are not alone. As a mom of a toddler, I find it extremely difficult to have my own internal dialogue and process my emotions while doing mom life. Some days I wonder if I’ll ever get through a single sentence or a thought without an interruption.

However, over the course of the last year, I’ve been trying to establish a better life rhythm, by practicing regular times in the day to touch base with myself and clear out mental clutter. In order to do this, I’ve had to learn the practice of stillness. In my experience, creating a rhythm of stillness in my daily lives has been a process of making and continuing with small, doable changes in my everyday life. I certainly don’t have this down, but here are some examples of times in the day when I practice stillness.

5 Times in the Day to Practice Stillness

1. Coffee Breaks

For me, stillness starts with my cup of coffee in the morning. Breakfast is always a little chaotic, since my daughter likes to help make it. (There’s nothing like having “help” with breakfast at 6 am). By the time I reach for my first cup of coffee, I’m generally already feeling a little frazzled.

Recently, I’ve implemented a new practice– sipping. This means putting down my phone. This means not emptying the dishwasher with one hand while drinking with the other.When I practice sipping, I feel like I get a mini-mom vacation from my life and my responsibilities.

2. Cuddle times

I love cuddle time with my daughter, but sometimes when I’m busy it’s hard to sit still, when I’m in the middle of a task. Lately, I’ve been using these “essential moments” as a time to practice thankfulness for the incredible gift of my child. These times of mental stillness have prepared me to deal with some of my hardest days as a mom.

3. Naptimes

We will be digging into this deeper later this month, but bottom line– naptime– should be a time of refreshing, rest and stillness– as much as possible (whatever that looks like for you).

4. Morning Quiet Times

Prior to having my daughter, I used to spend time almost every morning– in prayer, reflection, Bible study and journaling. This time centered me, for whatever hardships the day would bring.

Since having my daughter, this time disappeared almost completely, leaving my soul lacking.

In the past year, I’ve been slowly incorporating snippets of intentional time to journal, read my Bible and pray in the morning, while my daughter watches a movie. It’s amazing how a small (and frequently interrupted) amount of time still yields positive fruit in my days.

5. Morning Yoga & Savasana

Generally, after I’ve had my coffee, and had some ‘quiet time,’ I do some light yoga. Often I do this with a 3-year old monkey on my back, pulling on my legs and begging to come play, which requires extra concentration!

At the end of my practice, there is a 30 second ‘savasana,’ which is basically the practice of lying on your back and relaxing each part of your body, including your jaw and the point between your eyes. It might sound weird, but it’s incredibly effective for clearing my mind, even if I’m being climbed by on a toddler.

Even with these practices in place, I’m quite prone to over-checking my phone, doing too many things at once and losing touch with myself. I’m only human. But in the coming year, I hope to grow in my practice of stillness.

Perhaps this year we could all practice small moments of stillness together– to regain our sense of purpose & joy in motherhood.   

Tell me your thoughts!