5 Fun Ideas to Make the First Day of School Awesome!

When you are a kid, nothing in life feels so cruel as the last few days of summer. I still remember that weighty feeling on my shoulders and the gnawing in my stomach as each summer day ended– bringing me one day closer to school starting.

Despite my dislike for school as a kid, I never, ever disliked the first DAY of school; in fact, in many ways I looked forward to it! My parents always made it so special and fun!

As parents, we can’t take away all the discomfort of life and its (sometimes painful) rhythms, but we can do our best to cheer up our kids and prepare them for the challenges ahead!

Here are 5 Ideas to Spruce Up the First Day of School for Your Kid(s)!

1.Let them pack their own lunch.

As a kid, my mom let us come to the grocery store with her the night before school started and pick out whatever we wanted to eat! Generally speaking, we didn’t get prepackaged food in our lunches (which for some reason always seemed cool at the time). But on that special day every year– we got whatever junky, plastic-ey, sugary junk food that we wanted. It was glorious!

2.Pick out a special outfit– or something new.

If you are able to do back-to-school clothes shopping, great! If you can’t afford much shopping– don’t stress. If nothing else, try to find something little for your kid’s first day: like a pretty hair tie or a paper lunch bag with your kid’s favorite character on it. Surprise them with it in the morning when they wake up!

3. Make cookies.

The week before school, make some yummy cookies for an after-school snack. This isn’t a great habit all year, but a week of milk and cookies isn’t gonna hurt and will give your kid something to look forward to! (I know I can get through about anything, if I know there will be a cookie waiting for me at the end of the day!)

4.Use the Special Plate.

Have you seen this? It’s a red plate that literally says “You are special today.” This is a great tradition that I grew up doing. Use the plate to serve meals on special days (first day(s) of school, birthdays, etc.) If you have more than one kid, have them take turns.

5.Get fun school supplies.

There’s nothing in the world like the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil! (I admit it– I’m a total nerd!) Make sure to check with your child’s teacher before buying supplies, but take your kid along and let them pick out new things!

If you don’t have much of a budget for this, try going to the dollar store for as many items as possible; that way, whatever design your kid picks, you already know how much it costs!

What are your favorite back to school traditions? I’d love to hear from you!