4 Practical Steps to Reset Your Healthy Eating Habits

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Ryun

Right about now, you are probably sitting around wallowing in your holiday eating failures, while nibbling on leftover sugar cookies. Am I right? No matter how hard we try, the holidays have a tendency to bulldoze the healthy eating habits we’ve built throughout the year.

Sinking into food funks is a pattern for me, which is why I’ve come up with a 4-step system that helps me to step back into healthy eating patterns. It’s a painful process, but every time I do this, it clears the way to freedom, healthy eating and positive patterns in my life. I take these steps at least five times throughout the year— particularly after a holiday or a vacation.

4 Steps to Reset Your Healthy Eating Habits

Step 1: Clear out Your Cupboard.

The first thing you need to do is to ruthlessly eliminate the junk from your house: the plates of cookies from your neighbors, the candy from your stocking, the fudge you made for your family. THROW IT AWAY. I know this feels wasteful, but consider the cost of not doing so– a loss of your health. No one is helped when you hold on to your junk food!

When it comes to your kid’s junk food, eliminating is going to be determined by their age. Since my daughter is only three, I’m able to throw away her candy when she’s sleeping and she doesn’t notice. With older kids, this won’t be the case. Set a plan for them (like one piece of candy a day until it’s gone) and stick to it. Keep it in a designated spot where you won’t steal it! If you need to, put a note on it to remind yourself not to eat it. This sounds funny, but it works!

Step 2: Slash Empty Calories

Once your house is clear, the next thing you need to do is to cut any calories in your day that contain little to no nutrition. I generally begin with cutting beverages and work my way from there (i.e. Cider, lattes, peppermint hot chocolate, etc.) I still drink my coffee, but try to switch to a little sugar and a splash of milk, rather than a latte!

This does two things—reduces calorie intake and begins the process of disconnecting from sugar.

Step 3: Increase Your Proteins

Since I’m a huge fan of carbs, the next thing I do is significantly increase my protein intake. Not only does this not allow as much room for pastas, breads and sweets in my diet, but it leaves me feeling full longer.

Step 4: Add a Side of Filling Vegetables

Recently, I’ve discovered that some vegetables are weirdly filling! Try adding a large serving of these vegetables into your diet in combination with proteins– and see how you feel. For me, it leaves me feeling full and less likely to binge on junk later.

Here are 3 Vegetable Sides To Try :

Spiralized Zucchini Pasta:

Spiralize a zucchini, sauté it in olive oil for a few minutes and use it to replace pasta in your diet. I’m not going to lie– it’s not the same as pasta, but it’s still yummy.

Trader Joe’s French Green Beans (Freezer Section):

These frozen green beans are the best I’ve ever found! I eat a large bowl BEFORE my meal, which helps me not to overeat. Steam in the microwave and add a bit of garlic salt and pepper.

Yogurt Cabbage Salad:

This may sound kind of gross, but it’s actually pretty yummy! I use this to replace pasta or rice in my dinner. I’ve based this on something my grandma used to make me as a kid. Here’s what you need to make a single serving of it:

–1.5 cups shredded cabbage
–1/3 cup plain yogurt
–2–3 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
–1–2 teaspoons white sugar (to taste)
– water
– 1/4 granny smith apple
– walnuts (topping)


  1. Put the shredded cabbage in a bowl. Set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together:
    – plain yogurt
    – apple cider vinegar
    – white sugar
    – water (It should be the consistency of a salad dressing).

3.Chop a granny smith apple into small chunks and add to cabbage.

4.Pour yogurt dressing over cabbage and apples.

5. Sprinkle with walnuts


Eating well is a small, but important component of our lives that will lead us to joyful living as moms and help us to set an example for our kids. If we let the bad habits of holiday eating take over our every day lives, it will become a joy thief.

Mama, it’s time to press reset! You can do it!

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  1. Good advice! I’m going to find time to clear out the cupboards of sweets this weekend. Tiff

    1. Awesome! Good job! 🙂

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