3 Secrets to a Happy Mother’s Day

I think Mother’s Day– whether we realize it or not– comes with some sort of expectation. Maybe you expect your kids to be extra good that day or for your husband to shower you with gifts and gratitude for all your work. But often, it can be a little…disappointing.

If you want to make Mother’s Day awesome, give these 3 things a try:

1. Give.

Giving brings joy. Rather than waiting to be given something, try giving to your mom or a mom-figure in your life. If you know someone who has lost their mother recently, make a special effort to give them a call or a gift to let them know you remember their loss and that you love them.

2.Treat yo’ self. 

One of my mentors often reminds me to ‘treat myself like I’d treat my best friend.’ Whatever your version of this looks like, do it. Plan a special breakfast treat or set aside time for a bubble bath. Or download the newest New York Times bestseller and read during nap–ALL of nap. Make the day special– in your own unique style.

3.Look through your kid’s baby pictures.

Again, if you’re waiting for your kids to give you something or do something for you, you may be disappointed. Instead focus on the gift they are to you, remembering the day they came to you and let the joy of that memory resonate with you.

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