Where do the weekend go?

+ Spicy Jalepeno Margaritas!

It’s easy when you first have a kid to think you can keep running at the same pace you did ‘pre-kid’. Some of us even take that on as a challenge: (‘Having a kid is not going to slow me down!’)

Sound familiar?

Yet overbooking is one of the most dangerous strangers we can invite into our homes. Why? Because overbooking leads to scattered priorities, disconnected families and a loss of rhythm to our lives.

When it comes to hijacking my family’s weekends – I’m pretty good at it. I am a people-pleasing, ‘Type A’ personality with an inflated idea of what can be done in 24 hours, particularly for a mom with Lyme Disease!

The good news? I’m getting better– and you can too! Here are 3 steps to take to protect your weekends– and by extension– your families.

1.Identify your priorities BEFORE the weekend starts.

Ask yourself this question: What’s essential to your weekend being a ‘success’ for you, your husband and your children?

Is it finishing projects? Is it time together? Whatever it is, make sure to do it. Everything else can wait.

2.Weigh the Cost.

When presented an opportunity or invite, consider the power of a pause. Think before you commit. Ask yourself, ‘If I commit to this, what will I be giving up?’

3.Consider your fuel.

When it comes to optional commitments, 9 times out of 10, pick things that fuel you- not drain you.

Keep in mind, this takes practice. You will fail at it repeatedly, but if you stick to your priorities, I guarantee you will experience more joy.

Speaking of joy… Staying in for the night?

When the kiddos go to bed, try out this cocktail recipe: the Jalapeno Margarita. It’s my VERY FAVORITE cocktail– EVER!!


Click Here for the recipe, give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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