3 Roadblocks Every ‘Simple Mama’ Will Face


Making your life simple is not the same as being easy.

In fact, it’s much easier to live life in autopilot mode— stressed out, stretched thin and grumpy.

Your life won’t get simple on its own; you’re going to have to work for it.

*Essentialism calls us as moms to take a radical, less-traveled path. It’s intentional, it’s strategic– and yes, it’s very hard.

When setting out to make your life simple, purposeful and full of joy, you will fight a battle inside.

Here are 3 Roadblocks I Guarantee You WILL Face:

1. A desire for too many things

2. A fear that if you let go of certain things, you won’t be happy

3. A fear of letting people down

When we start to feel this way, we must remember that:



Like all worthwhile things in life— simplicity requires conquering your fears. It requires disciplining your mind, heart and soul.

But consider the cost of not living this way.

Living life in “default mode” will lead to scattered priorities, frazzled mamas and unmet needs.

The path of the “simple mama” leads to focused priorities, tired, but focused moms, and more connected relationships.

Never forget what you want your child to say at age 25– sitting with a new friend at the Coffee Bean (in the  exercise we did in this post) . That’s the destination. The “Simple Mama” knows what it takes to get there.

Ultimately, the choice of how you do life is yours, but from one mama to another– nothing so far has ever been so worth the work– as the “disciplined pursuit of less.”

Keep an eye out for a visual journey through “Simple Mama”– my final post in this series. I know it’s been hard work, but hasn’t it been fun? 🙂

*If you missed it, find out why you want to be picky with your friendships and what I learned from visiting Japan.

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