5 Freeing Things to Remember– When you Have to Say No.


I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing harder than saying no.

It’s especially tough when you have to say no to someone you like or to an opportunity that’s interesting, but not quite right for now.

But if we want to simply & purposefully- it will require us to say no to most things.

It will be hard, but I promise you something– at some point you will feel the grand relief that comes with saying no to the wrong the things.

Here are 5 Things To Keep in Mind When Saying No to a Request:

  1. When you say no to something good, you are leaving a window to yes to something much better. (Greg McKeown, paraphrased).

  2. Saying no will often allow you to meet your “highest contribution”. (And what could be better than that?)

  3. Your family’s happiness and connectedness is dependent on not getting overcommitted or stretched too thin.

  4. That life is short– and you’ll never regret putting your priorities in order.

  5. That a mother is the only person in the world that can be there for their child in the exact way he or she needs.

It’s easy enough to read these and think “yeah, that makes sense” but when staring someone in the face, it becomes much harder to get the words out. Which is why I love this quote from Greg McKeown:

“[We can] either say no and regret it for a few minutes or we can say yes and regret it for days, weeks, months or even years.”

Isn’t this so true?

Keep these reminders close, mamas; write them on note cards, put them in your bathroom mirror, tape them to your calendar. They are the key to living a life free of obligation– to living a life that YOU CHOOSE.

More often than not, I’ve said yes to every request at my doorstep and it has left me dry and withered. Only in the past year or so have I been practicing the power of no and– over time have begun to reap it’s rich harvest.

I love this quote:


Just think what could be possible for you– if you too could learn the power of no.

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3 Replies to “5 Freeing Things to Remember– When you Have to Say No.”

  1. Great advice! I’ve been learning this skill most of my adult life, but especially since I became a wife and then a parent and now even more so with going back to work. I see how I need to be more purposeful and careful with my time. Thanks for posting!

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