The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask


When you first held your baby in your arms, what else were you thinking about?

Were you thinking about how you needed to vacuum the house? Or worrying about that house project you started but never finished?

Of course not!

Your eyes were glued to that baby’s fingers, toes and little face. You were mesmerized, in-love and fully attentive to this new life in your arms.

Life gives us very few minutes of clarity– of single-mindedness about our purpose; they are not to be taken for granted.

But after those moments pass, life happens.

We wake up wondering how we ended up so distracted.

We find ourselves cleaning the toilet, when we should be caring for our souls.

We find ourselves taking care of the neighbor’s dog, while our own houses and lives are in shambles.

We find ourselves exhausted and meandering through life, wondering:

Am I really doing this right?

In order to extract ourselves from this trap, Greg McKeown (author of *Essentialism) encourages us each to ask this simple, but vital question:

If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will.

Or, in the context of raising your family, what is the thing that YOU and ONLY you can do as a parent?

I think most of us, when faced with this question,would answer something like:

“I want to raise my kid(s) well.”

That’s a good answer, but it’s not enough to give you real focus in the craziness of this life. It’s the easiest thing in the world just to give a pat (though honest) answer and then continue scrubbing the toilet.

I want to ask for 5 minutes of your time to do a short exercise. (I know how limited your free time is, mama. I wouldn’t ask, if I didn’t believe this to be vital to your success as a “Simple Mama.”)

A 5-Step Exercise to Find Your Purpose:

By the end of this exercise, you will gain: 

  • A purpose statement for your path
  • A list of the 3 biggest obstacles that are in your way-right now

Below, I’ve included links the google docs for the exercise.

My Exercise:

The first link is a sample one– with my personal answers in the fields.

Your Exercise:

The second google doc is blank, for you to fill in your own answers. (You will need to print or just use it as a reference.)

Take a few minutes, do the exercise and stick with me, mama! We have some exciting work to do– and joy is waiting for us at the other side; don’t miss it!

Up next: We are going to get our hands dirty & talk about how your purpose statement can rock your “to do” list. 🙂

*This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link. 

9 Replies to “The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask”

  1. I think that this exercise is a perfect way to point out the highs and lows of the difference between what we have currently and where we want to be. It’s perfect to highlight the roadblocks, as you said. I will work through this whenever I get home tonight and see where I’m at, where I want to be, and what needs worked on. I’m loving this Simple Mama study already!


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