5 Useful YouTube Channels For Toddlers & Young Kids!

Trying to find something good on YouTube can feel like searching for a Gucci purse at Wal-Mart.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to decluttering my life, YouTube is at the top of my list of things I’d like to cut. However, there are some great resources on YouTube for kids, which is why I use it strategically.

I’ve compiled a list of our favorite shows & channels we use– mainly for learning.

Here are 5 Shows We’ve Found Helpful!

1.Peppa Pig Official Channel (Baby-3 years)

When it comes to kids shows, I like almost all things British. They know how to make enjoyable kid shows! While Peppa is not without its annoyances, I generally can enjoy watching a few episodes with my daughter. They also have a live stream on their official channel.

2.Daisy & Fluff (toddler)

This channel only has a handful of videos, but it’s pretty stinkin’ cute and best of all— short! I find the videos helpful for teaching my toddler basics (like fruits and numbers) and the tone of the channel is quite calm! Gotta love a peaceful kid show! 🙂 Once again, those Brits know what they are doing! 🙂

3.Originator Kids (Toddler+up)

If this channel wasn’t so helpful, I’d never turn it on! It’s a bit annoying and extremely repetitive. However, it is the strongest tool in my tool chest at the moment for teaching my daughter letters and sounds. (I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT handle the music videos! SO irritating!)

My daughter will watch Endless Wordplay Part 1 for a full hour sometimes– and repeat the sounds aloud! Since she won’t give me more than about 4 minutes of teaching time with flashcards or hands-on tools, I figure– let’s go with it!

If you try it, I’d recommend sitting with your child and making the sounds along with the characters on the screen. When I engage, my daughter engages and I see lightbulbs!

4.Funtastic TV Phonics for Kids

I CANNOT handle most of the videos on this channel (gag!), but SOME of the phonics series is pretty good!

Check out the ones that use animated clay to teach letters and sounds. A little hard to explain, but take a look! AVOID the ones with the weird lady’s excited face and the letters next to her head— at all costs!

(I couldn’t find a playlist of only the videos I’m referring to, so you may have to look them up individually. The link above leads to the ‘Letter A’ video in the series).

5.Toddler Fun Learning

Yet another British video that has a good mix of animals and counting! This is a new find, so we will see how it weathers the storm of a toddler’s attention over time!

Many of these are available on the YouTube Kids app– which is a real mixed bag! Like YouTube, you have to do a whole lot of digging, but there’s some good resources on there. It’s available on the App Store for Apple devices or on Google Play for Androids, if you’re interested. (Use at your own risk!) 😉

What are your favorites on YouTube?


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