10 Useful Things You Can Do In 3 Minutes

At my house, the shower water takes approximately 3 minutes to get hot.

Some days, I stand and wait for it to get warm, but lately I’ve decided– why not get something done?

As moms, we have precious few moments for ourselves and our tasks. Which means that EVERY moment, no matter how small, must be treasured. Even if your kid is with you while you wait,you can still do most of these things!

If your shower water gets hot super quick, apply these concepts to other 3-minute windows of your day!

Here are 10 Ideas of What You Can Do in 3 Minutes:

1.Calf raises.

It sounds funny, but if you do calf raises all throughout the day in your free time, you’ll get awesome calfs.

2.Floss your teeth.

My tooth hygiene has gone downhill a bit since having my daughter! This is a good time to rebuild the habit.


Nuff said.

4.Speed clean.

For this one, keep the Magic Sponge Bath Scrubber (the one with build-in cleaner in the sponge) under the sink. Wet the sponge, clear the counter and do the fastest bathroom wipe down in history.

5.Pick up your clothes.

While I try to keep my clothes in the hamper or hung, I often have clothes on the floor. In 3 minutes, I can take care of that.

6.Clip Your fingernails.

I seem to always forget to keep up trimming my nails, since having a kid! There’s something refreshing about having clean and trimmed nails; I feel like a new woman.

7.Take out the bathroom trash.

You may not have time to bring it to the outdoor trashcans, but you can tie it off, place it by the door and replace the liner.

8.Rehearse your goals.

I keep goals, encouragements, verses and ideas in my bathroom medicine cabinet. Periodically, I open it while I’m waiting for the shower and remind myself of my priorities.

9.Deep breaths.

This isn’t a cop-out. You seriously might need a moment of breath and silence before facing the day. Don’t miss the chance!

10.Turn on Pandora.

A good song can go a long way in boosting your mood!

What can you do in 3 minutes, moms?