10 Tiny 'Must-Pack' Items for A Day Away (Or A Vacay!)

Sometimes— we all need a break from our daily routine. And what better time to get away from it all than summer?!

While having a baby or a kid can limit your mobility somewhat, this doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle your face with the refreshing chill of new experiences, even if you are staying closer to home.

I’ve found that even a little adventure allows me to live the other more ‘ordinary’ days with added spice!

Which brings me to…packing! Obviously what you bring will vary VASTLY based on where you are going. But there are certain things you should take EVERYWHERE! These items will add very little weight to your bag– while still packing a punch!

10 Must-Pack Items for Your Adventure!

1.Chewable Pepto Bismal

You have a much greater chance of getting sick when you are eating out–particularly in new locations. Even for a day at Disneyland, this is an essential in my purse! Cut the tablets into individual sections and keep a few in your purse at all times.

2. Thermacare Stick-On Heat Patch

Whether you have an achy back, cramps or just need warmth, these small little wonders keep you comfy for 8 hours! Love them!

3. Bobby pins & hair ties

You can never have enough. Plus, if you are in a jam, consider all the things Mcguyver could do with these items.

4. A Pen

Yes, pens are everywhere. But there are times when they aren’t- and you’ll be glad you packed one. Also, pens offered at hotels, airlines and kiosks have generally been touched by A LOT of people. Germs!

5. Q-tips

Q-tips are seriously an essential and not just for cleaning ears. I use them to wipe smudged makeup and about a million other things. Trust me on this one. (Share your Q-tip hacks below!)


Most adventures require walking. Never a bad idea to have one or two bandaids handy for the occasional blister.

7. Emergen-C Chewable Tablets

Keep those immune systems strong without a need for water to dissolve.

8. Portable Hand Sanitizer

This is the handiest way to get clean when on the go! I connect it to the outside of my bag for super easy access.

9. Scissors

This may sound strange, but I can’t tell you how many times on vacation I’ve needed scissors and have been out of luck. Pack only for longer excursions– not a day at the zoo.

10. Umbra Tangram Organizer

For overnight stays or longer this little organizer is great. Keep in mind it’s meant for small flat objects or else it becomes very cumbersome. Best used for jewelry medications and other miscellaneous objects that don’t have a natural home!

What did I miss? Share your own personal ‘essentials’ below!

5 Replies to “10 Tiny 'Must-Pack' Items for A Day Away (Or A Vacay!)”

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  2. I love my Mary Kay make up mirror. The mirror has good magnification and a light. It’s the perfect size and has its own soft carrying pouch. Love using it especially when staying in a hotel because it’s easier to apply make up and pluck pesky facial hairs without having to lean over a sink at the big mirror.

    1. great tip! although I never like magnification of my face– haha!

  3. Lin Yearley says:

    I love my small Swiss Army knife for travel ( & everyday). It has scissors, a nail file, tweezers, toothpick & a very sharp knife. Has come in handy sooo many times. However, on a trip that involves flying I Hv to write myself a note to PACK SWISS ARMY KNIFE! Or of course it gets impounded by TSA!

    1. haha yes you are pretty intimidating, especially when armed with a 1 in. knife. 🙂

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