10 Reasons to Love [and download] the Asana Rebel Yoga App

Yoga has a mixed reputation– for good reason. There are some weird yoga routines out there! But as a disabled mom, it is one of my only options for movement. I’ve been on the hunt for free yoga routines for years. Mostly, I’ve jumped around on YouTube channels, but have been sorely disappointed by the lack of quality content I’ve found.

Some yoga routines I’ve tried have literally consisted of breathing through alternating nostrils for 20 minutes. Even during a Lyme flare, I cannot legitimately call this exercise! Come on, people.

Others, such as the P90X yoga routine have seriously almost killed me! (If you are able-bodied, it’s a great work out, but not for someone with health issues!)

I’m excited to tell you– I finally found what I was looking for!

Here are 10 things to love about the Asana Rebel yoga app!

1. It’s Free (for the app and a basic list of workouts).

2. No ads (yet).

3. Short Workouts (5–18 minutes, generally).

(Perfect for moms with only short windows of time to exercise!)

4. If you have health issues, you can probably still do it, with adaptations.

5. If you are healthy, it’s the PERFECT warm up or cool down for ANY workout routine.

6. The instructional voice is calm, but doesn’t sound like she is high (like most yoga workouts!)

7. The instructions are clear and focused on proper form.

8. There’s always new exercises available.

While most workouts are ‘locked’ for the paid version, there are always several free routines available. Additionally, they offer a rotating ‘free for the day’ routine, every day so you can try different ones.

9. The exercises are themed, based on the desired result.

(For instance: ‘Fatburn Yoga’ or ‘Core Strength 1′).

10. It’s very calming, while still being effective.

This app has seriously changed my life! Since using it regularly, I’ve noticed I have:

  • increased flexibility
  • better balance
  • decreased back pain
  • less anxiety

Even on a ‘flare day’ I am usually able to get through one of their more ‘mellow’ routines!

(I’ve also added it as a widget on my home screen for my iPhone, so I can always see what the ‘free for the day’ routine is!)

So grateful I found it!

Want to try it out?

Click Here to download on the App Store.

Click Here to download on Google Play.

(Keep in mind, I’ve never used the Android version, so I’m not sure if there are differences in the experience, price, etc.) Let me know!

I’m curious to hear what you think!

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  2. Thanks for this! I just tried it and it’s a great option for me during this postpartum season.

    1. that’s awesome! I’ve found it to be a great way to get motivated to start moving! Glad you like it! 🙂

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