Transforming ‘Bath Time’ into Awesome Time (For You Too)

I’ve ALWAYS dreaded bath time.

When my daughter was born, I was terrified to drop her. When she transitioned to the tub, she was very floppy and because Lyme disease causes weakness in my muscles, I often had to wait until I had a helper to lift her in and out of the tub.

As a highly independent person, this really frustrated me.

Now that daughter is a stable tub- sitter and has fun splashing around in the tub, bath time has definitely gotten more fun for her. I love seeing her happy, of course, but when she wants to splash around indefinitely, I find myself getting bored.

The other day, I realized I was wasting an opportunity. I decided that bath time should be fun for both of us!

Here are the things I’ve been adding to bath time that have totally changed my attitude!

1.Reading Aloud

As a mom, I don’t have a lot of time for reading my own books. So, I’ve started reading my books to my daughter while she’s in the tub. Since I read aloud, I’m very aware of her and her safety (rather than being in my own head). I get a ‘fill’ time, while she splashes around. It’s a win-win! Currently we are reading one of my favorite books Humility by Andrew Murray. My daughter’s super into it.;)


Music makes everything better. I have one of those tiny bluetooth speakers that I bring in the bathroom at bath time. You’d be surprised what a little Frank Sinatra or T. Swift does for a bath sesh.


Ok, I know this sounds boring. But think about it- how often as a mom is your child preoccupied enough to allow you to have your own head space? I often feel like my daughter and I share a brain. Sometimes it’s nice to make room for my own thoughts and let her splash and have her own fun. (Obviously, while being super attentive because of water hazards! Duh.)


Bubbles make baths super fun. I’ve found a brand I like– Babyganics. Because it’s made with a lot of natural ingredients like chamomile, it doesn’t produce the kinda bubbles I remember as a kid- the kind the threatened to overflow the tub! But it’s still a fun, giggle-producing addition to our bath time play!

What do you do for fun during bath time? Share in the comments below!

I’m also looking for no- mess creative bath toys to add to our collection. Suggestions?!